Lockdown 4.0 - Good news for Players. What will Badminton Associations do here?

by Badminton Scholar

Posted on Sun May 17 2020

Lockdown 4.0 - Good news for Players. What will Badminton Associations do here?

Lockdown 4.0 - Good news for Players. What will Badminton Associations do here?

In Lockdown 4.0, no relaxation for recreational activities and mass gatherings, but relaxation for sports complexes and stadiums has been announced. Its a good news for athletes who were locked themselves at home for the last 50 plus days due to Covid19 pandemic that Sports Complex or Stadium can operate from 18 May, 2020.

National and International players are trained at Badminton academies where recreational and amateur players may be there. 

Badminton Scholar takes the following points to the knowledge of Badminton Associations.

1  It is the responsibility of the State or District Badminton Association to clarify thier District Collector or Sports Officer or City Commissioner to understand that only coaching for professional players are given and no for amateur players for recreation during lockdown. 

2. Instead of making all academies to get the approval individually from District and State Authorities  to start their training for professional players, Badminton Associations can represent their Member Academies of District/State to get the approval by taking the responsibility.

3. Already 50 plus days were over. Academies revenue, coach salary and importantly players coaching are the points to be noted here.

Definitely it's the time now that Associations should play a vital role here. We had evident that NASSCOM or CII represents their industry groups to the government and make their members operational during lockdown. If there is no sound or support from Badminton associations, it would be a big set back for the sports and athletes. 

It's obvious that Athletes health is more important, but at the time, the economy of the stakeholders need to be considered now, at least in the Green Districts and States of India.

What are the exemptions, a  sports academy can expect from the Ministry of Human Affairs latest circular?.

1.MHA has pointed that Sports Complex and Stadiums can open and operate, but no for spectators and no mass gatherings / sports events. 

2. Its a green signal from central government. At the same time, Tamilnadu Government also indicated that Sports academies can start to train thier national and international players from 18 May 2020 with District collector's approval.

If we take Badminton clubs, it has dual role, Academy role and Recreational role. As per the latest circulars from central and state governments about lockdown 4.0, Recreational role is not permitted and the coaching can be started with prior permission from District Collector or City Commissioner.

The expectations of Badminton enthusiasts are, i) Badminton Association should explain the authorities about the professional coaching at the academies and no recreational activities. ii) Unanimously, Badminton Association should get the approval from District / State authorities behalf their member Academies to start coaching for professional players.