Tournament day Diet Plan for Badminton Player

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Posted on Mon Dec 28 2020

Tournament day Diet Plan for Badminton Player

Going for tournaments is like going to a battlefield. It’s the time for action. You trained, you practiced, you planned and now is time for execution. Nutrition is no different. You have been feeding your muscles, brain, and tissues for this tournament. Now is the time to go for the measured approach.

To comply with the schedule of the tournaments especially age categories tournaments can be a daunting task. Matches get delayed, accommodation & availability of foods can be an issue and danger of outside food affecting your gut always looms large. Taking into consideration all the probabilities nutrition strategy should be chalked out.

We always recommend our athletes to carry their own food.

a)      It ensures that the athletes are getting the required nutrients.

b)      An athlete is not dependent on outside food.

c)       It is a good back up plan for times when matches get delayed.

Portion control will be key for fueling/refueling for competition. A large meal night before or on the morning of the tournament day is a big no. It can prove to be counterproductive. The ideal nutrition strategy would be to choosing the foods that will provide energy to athletes maintains their blood sugar levels and does not cause stomach distress. 

Badminton is a high intensity sport and to meet its demands the glycogen levels in the body should be maintained. It will be a good idea to include carbs rich foods in the diet. Carbs can also be taken in the liquid form. Be careful with the fibers, as consuming them too much night before/ on the day of the event can affect the performance as it will increase blood flow to the stomach.

Always carry healthy snack options like nuts, fruits & bars to the court. If the duration between matches is too much and you don’t fuel appropriately, you will be left feeling hungry and your mind will trick you into eating more than what is required. This can leave you feeling sluggish during the match.  

Many athletes opt for sugar based beverages between matches and during competition. They are strictly off the menu as it gives you sugar spike and affects performance.

Tournament Day Diet Plan

Night Before Event

Khichdi with vegetables, Sweet potato, Raita, Omelette, sauteed zucchini, chicken soup, lentil soup, walnuts

On Waking up:

Lemon Water, Almonds (soaked), Beetroot Juice, Raisin, Dates, Pistachios

Breakfast (2-3 hours prior competition)

Muesli, Milk (if allergic go for lactose free milk), apple, banana, boiled eggs, Honey (remember we spoke about portion control), Sandwich with veggies.

1 hour- 20 mins  before the match

Pistachios, Sports drink,

During Match

Banana, Raisins, Sports drink (Sip regularly)

Immediately Post Match

Smoothie (any fruit), Pineapple juice, apricots, figs, dates, apple, banana

Recovery food options

Paya soup, chicken broth soup, black bean soup, sweet potato (cooked,boiled)

Lunch options

Rice/Fried rice, Pasta, Vegetables, curd, dumplings

Dinner options

Rice, Mix vegetable stew, fish curry,


Walnuts, Rasgulla (squeeze out the sugar syrup)

Sometimes during the competitions a player might have to play two matches in a short span of time on the same day or it might be the case that they are participating in more than 1 event.  In such a scenario it is important for the athlete to recover effectively for the next match.

Food options, if the time span between two matches is upto 2 hours

Pomegranate juice, Pineapple juice, Tomato soup, Broccoli  Soup, Chicken sandwich, Paneer sandwich

Athletes during competitions face the issue of matches being delayed. This is a dilemma situation for athletes because if they stay hungry then their decision making will be affected during the matches and if they didn’t fuel appropriately they will feel sluggish.

Anyone who has been around competitive tournaments would know that matches rarely go on at their scheduled times. Athletes during competitions face the issue of matches being delayed. This is a dilemma situation for athletes because if they stay hungry then their decision making will be affected during the matches and if they didn’t fuel appropriately they will feel sluggish. You don’t want to be playing for the match point without the required fuel in the body as you have not eaten for last 2-3 hours. Therefore for such scenarios, it is always a good idea to carry some backup foods.

Food options for match delays

Nuts, Dry fruits, Trail mix, Dry fruit laddu, Fruits like apple, orange, banana. Protein Bars.


Supplements are essential part of diet for athletes who are able to get required nutrients out of the food. Also some supplements allows you get the instant energy boost which is much required by badminton players. But these supplements should only be taken under guided supervision of an expert nutritionist. What supplement, its dosage and time is very important to get optimum benefit out of it.  It depends on individual metabolisms and genetics. So please don’t copy what others are doing, it can harm your kidneys and liver function.

Sample Competition Plan for a badminton player

Below is the sample tournament day diet plan of one of our badminton player.  All suggestions made are based on blood chemistry, genetics, energy expenditure, calorie requirements, dietary choices & patterns. We have shared this sample diet chart to give you a sneak peek into the in depth planning that goes behind making a nutrition strategy. Please do not try to imitate this into your routine as your requirements might just be different.

Click here Sample Competition Plan for a badminton player Click Here

Note: We have purposefully black marked supplements/ certain foods in the diet chart as it should only be taken under guided supervision of a nutritionist.

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