Re-frame your Failure

Posted by BadmintonScholar on Mon Dec 28 2020

Re-frame your Failure

Failure is not wrong, is not bad, is an opportunity, and is a chance to learn.

Most of us don’t want to fail. Parents feel failure is wrong. Players assume failure implies end of their life. Is there anything good about failure at all? Imagine if all of us face only success in our lives, how would it be? Goals would be easier to achieve, mediocrity will be loved, none of us will push beyond our comfort zone, there would be nothing to learn and every one would be numero uno, without putting in an effort. Yes, all of us need to strive to be our best. But that doesn’t mean failure is wrong.

Lets first understand the meaning of success and failure. Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Failure means not meeting the intention or the objective/goal. You must first know the objective or the goal for the tournament or your training session. For example, let’s say there is a tournament coming up and you’ve just started training post an injury, perhaps your goal would be to play pain free, without fear and to get the shots right. In this situation, you wouldn’t consider not winning as failure, but probably regard playing with fear and pain as failure.

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Failure means not meeting the intention or the objective/goal.

How can our failures help us?

 What do we do when we fail?

Understand failure is not wrong. Failure is not as bad as we think it is. It is nothing but being unable to achieve a particular goal. Hence, when we haven’t reached the goal, we try again or we try another way to achieve it. Analyse what went wrong and how you can rectify those mistakes. When you fail, you have so much to learn from and grow. Our failures can become our biggest assets if we can learn from them and stay positive during tough times.

So, the next time you lose a match, check where you went wrong and start rectifying it!

Keerthana Swaminthan

Think Train Perform, Chennai