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Best Badminton String Review. How do you choose the type of Badminton Racket String and tension for your style and skillset?

Posted by BadmintonScholar on Sun Feb 14 2021

Best Badminton String Review. How do you choose the type of Badminton Racket String and tension for your style and skillset?

And the answer is to explore, select, and play.  There is no unique solution for all, instead, it is recommended to assess yourself, your options and objectives to decide the right string and tension.

Right string and tension depend on the skill level and the type of the player. Before the selection of string type and tension, we should know about the sweet spot. 

Sweet spot

A sweet spot on a racquet is an area which gives the most power, analogous to the ‘middle of the bat’ in cricket.

At low tension (18lb-23lb), the sweet spot is bigger, which means that a player can generate power even if the shot was slightly mishit.

At high tension (24lb-30lb), the sweet spot is smaller and the power generated is lesser because the strings are tight for the trampoline effect to take place. Control over the shuttle increases because the strings are flatter which is suitable for advanced players who can generate enough power, have excellent basic techniques and need accuracy in all shots.

Recreational/club players can choose a string tension based on the type of game you want to play. If you are lacking in power, you can go for a low tension string that increases the power in each shot. If power and control are both important to you, use a middle level tension that gives the best of both worlds. Do not let your ‘ego’ affect this decision. Plenty of recreational players string their racquets beyond the recommended racquet tension because that is what the professionals do.

Selection of Badminton Racket String Type

Lots of badminton racket strings are available in markets which can create troubles for the badminton players in the selection of their racket strings. Make a purchase of your badminton racket string depending upon your style, level, and play. Let us discuss the factors which influence the string selection.

Resilience/Durability: If you need more lifetime of the string, thicker badminton strings are needed. . This will allow the players to take advantage of additional durability. Badminton Strings such as the Yonex BG 65 string are ideal for all-rounder badminton players. Yonex string package has color code yellow to specify the "DURABILITY".

Repulsion: If both durability & repulsion is the choice, then choose thinner strings lesser than 0.70 mm. This variety of ultra-thin badminton strings offer an extraordinary repulsion along with tough strokes. Yonex string package has a color code blue to specify the "REPULSION".

Control & Power: If both power & control are your choice, then opt for thinner badminton racket strings, let you play controlled strokes easily. Moreover, ultra-thin badminton strings offer improved control, powerful smashes, and higher durability.  Yonex string package has a color code green to specify the "CONTROL" and pink to specify "HITTING SOUND".

Selection of Badminton string tension

Badminton string tension is a very personal and subjective thing. Ultimately it should fit to your level, your power, and your control.  Points to be considered while selecting the string tension
  1. Skill Level: Low tension (18lbs to 22lbs) is suitable for  beginners because lower tension offers a widened sweet-spot area on the racquet. Medium tension (24lbs to 26 lbs) is fit for intermediate players that provides a balance among shot accuracy, power generation, repulsion and sweet-spot region. High tension (26lbs to 30 lbs) is suitable for professional players who like to play crisp/accurate shots. 
  2. String thickness: Higher the thickness of string, lower string tension is suggested. For example, thicker 0.7 mm Yonex BG 65 needs low 26 lbs tension, whereas thinner 0.65 mm Yonex BG 66 Ultimax (thin string) can perform better with higher 28 lbs tension. Higher thickness strings are durable.
  3. String life: Racquets strung at lower tensions are more durable compared to higher tensions. Thinner strings usually break faster than thicker strings strung at the same tension.
  4. Racquet compatibility: Refer the racquet specifications before you string as maximum tension and string compatibility.

String thickness and tension Relationship and their characteristics 

Yonex Strings Types, Tension, and their Characteristics 

Suggested strings for different types of players and skillsets

Strings for Repulsive Power
Yonex BG80
Yonex BG66 Ultimax
Yonex BG80 Power

Strings for Durability
Yonex BG65 – Recommended for recreational players – beginners and intermediates
Yonex BG65 Titanium
Yonex NBG95

Strings for Control
Yonex NBG99
Yonex BG Aerobite

Top Strings Review 2021

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Repulsion power  0.68mm Intermediate players and pro players choice
Pros: This string is designed to absorb shock  - Good for people with wrist or forearm injury
Offers a soft feel
High repulsion
Cons: Wears out faster than other strings, can lose tension faster than other strings
A bit expensive 


0.61mm High repulsion, thinnest in the market, the second thinnest string in the world
Pros :Can be used by beginners to advanced players
Second thinnest string in the world
Offers high repulsion
Cons: Wears out faster than most strings

0.70mm Durable
Pros: Designed for intermediate and advanced players
Offers superior control and accuracy
Durable due to the thickness of the string
Soft feel
Cons: Can hardly generate power

Pro players or those with advanced badminton skills 0.65 mm
Pros: Offers good control
Perfect for players who like the stiff feel for shots
Made for advanced players who like control
Cons: May wear out fast given its thickness
Drop in tension after regular use

0.65mm Repulsive Power
Pros: More durable than the older BG66 version
Can generate decent power
Perfect for players who like slicing
Cons: More expensive than the Yonex BG66 string


0.70 mm
Pros: Decent repulsion
Good for beginners
Cons: Lacks control needed by advanced players and pros
Slippery surface due to titanium
To compare the BG65 Ti to the BG66 Ultimax, the latter still generates more power

0.68mm Hitting Sound
Pros: Durable due to its thickness
Gives a sharp and comfortable feel
Can also be used by intermediate players
Cons: Not designed for beginners
Difficult to generate power with your shots

0.66mm, known for its clear sound and high repulsion
Pros: Made use of hydro titanium
Gives high repulsion
Offers good control for advanced users
Cons: Tension loss